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I have no solution!

Some things,...little things that become a nuisance and wish they will all go away. With over 300,000 miles, I guess some things have reached the end of their useful life.

The RPM gage have a hard time going pass 3,000 even when the XJ is doing 75 MPH in 3rd gear. This is going on for quite some time. My Scangage displays the correct RPM.

I need to get a good/better brake pedal pad. I doubt the junk yard will have a good one.

The engine run up to 1500 RPM after about a 20 minute drive. A quick blip on the gas pedal return it to proper idle speed. It is just a pain in the you-know-what having to do that to prevent it from creeping through a stop light.

The D44 in the rear have a wheel bearing going bad. There is noise that increases with speed. There is about a 1/4" of up and down movement on that side,...right side and none on the left side.

The radiator which is more than 10 years (all copper brass) have developed a slow leak under pressure evident by having to top off the recovery bottle every week and coolant puddle on the right side under the radiator.

Those are just a few of the things that bother me at this time. I do enjoy the old girl on my daily commute or for a long drive in the country side.

1996 XJ; 4.0L; AW4; NP231; SYE; D30 and D44; ECTED; 4.10 gears; 30X9.5 -15 BFG/AT/KO; 3" lift; Rusty's LCA; JKS ADJ UCA; Kevins ADJ Track bar; Drawtite Front Receiver; Dual Electric Fans; Dual Battaries.
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