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Re: I Need a Starter...

I just installed a remanufactured gear reduction unit from AutoZone. I paid $85.99 + $35 core charge. It was a simple fix, took me and my wife about an hour to hour and a half and most of that time was just breaking the nuts and bolts loose. I had problems with my NSS in the past. Then it wouldn't do anything. I'd let it sit awhile and then it'd start until one day I got nothing. So we pulled it apart, sprayed it out real good with carb cleaner (same as brake cleaner pretty much), scrubbed the contacts with a wire brush and put it back together with new, fresh grease. No more problems. You can check it by wiggling the shifter around in park or neutral while holding the key in start. If you hear it catch a little here and there as you move the shifter its probably the NSS. Or you can see if your reverse lights work. Mine didn't because the whole thing was gummed up. Or touch the 2 points together on the starter with a screwdriver. Sounds more frightening than it is. Just make sure you're in Park...If you touch the starter terminals and it turns, then its the switch, if there's still nothing its the starter.
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