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Re: Camping and Lodging info

Buena Vista/Nathrop August 11 - August 14

August 11 will be a travel day between Ouray and BV. The drive is very scenic and can be planned to pass through Gunnison, or alternatively a route can be planned over some scenic mountain passes that are unpaved.

The drive can take between 3 and 6 hours.

The following trails will be run while in the BV area.

Taylor and Pearl pass, Italian Creek. Depending on summer snow levels. A very scenic all day drive, I would rate this as easy/medium. A stock vehicle may require a strap in a few places.

Holy Cross - an overnight trip, for those who want to camp, otherwise the trail can be driven in a single day - for those who prefer hotels. Holy Cross rates a difficult, which means that 33's and a locker would be minimum requirements. Above the city is "extreme" - Goatman was the only one to drive Cleveland rock in 2002.

Mt Antero - drive to 13000 feet. See three seperate mountain ranges. A "medium" trail

Iron Chest - recently graded, we do not know if this trail will be restored in time for our August adventure, but if the trail is open we will be driving it. Rated "hard/difficult".

Chinaman's gulch - a trail for all vehicles, the difficult spots have bypasses. Everyone has fun on this trail.

Carnage Canyon - not for the faint of heart. This is CO's newest "extreme" trail. Body damage certain. Winch and two lockers required. An extremely difficult trail for those of us brave or fool hardy enough to attempt it.

There are numerous trails in this area. They all have some form of challenge so whether you have a stock XJ or a "wild one" you will have fun. We have two trails that are so new they are not in the guide books - we await the owner's permission for to use the trails in August.

Also located in BV is the Tomken Machine shop. They would be happy to show us around there if we wish.

other trails that may be run.
Wheeler Lake
Tomichi Pass
Mosquito pass
Webster and Redcone pass

I will be putting a small trail guide together for the BV part of the event. there will be official runs every day, but you will be free to run any of the other trails should you so wish.

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