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Re: Joel's multipurpose XJ build (rocks/boulevard)

I'm taking my kids to school every day so still driving the Jeep. Figure my ticket should give me a few weeks of immunity. Nope, I get flagged down at a traffic stop and given ANOTHER ticket. Another $288. Same cop. The guy wouldn't cut me a break even thought it had only been 28 days (not the 30 I thought I'd have).

His take: "28 days is enough." My take, "Here's the pics of what I'm working on, it wasn't long enough for me!"

He reminds me of the garden trim thing... I don't WANT to run garden trim. I'll just be taking it on and off a hundred times to continue progress. Super frustrating, but I can't exactly pick a fight with a cop. Even a complaint to his Sergeant could easily go bad as and I sure don't want to be targeted in a small town...

Nothing to do but stay the course. We're down to the last week of school so at least my wife can drive the kids in and I have my RX7 to fall back on... So now the Jeep is sitting in my driveway not moving.

The wind is unrelenting though. I finally decided to pull the Jeep most of the way into the garage (partly shielded) and MIG weld weld the rear interfaces.

It's burned in but you can tell where the breeze caught me on the left side of the circle. Whatever, it'll hold.

Back to tube work, it's a game of fractions of inches but I'm winning.

You know things like cutting off the tacked brackets shimming tube with some weld filler rod and re tacking with 1 degree different clicking.

Then naturally it's starts raining on all my raw steel.

I need a bigger garage... This is some bullshit.
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