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Re: Poll: Cracked 0331 cylinder head castings

'01 XJ Sport. It's in the shop so I can't check build date. I bought it w/ 45000 miles and it had the problem already. Fought with the place I bought it about the cause of the symptons until they fixed it with a reman'd head. I emailed DC the following:

I recently had to replace the cylinder head on my 2001 Cherokee and in
doing some research have found that there is a problem with the casting
(I think the casting # is 0331, but I could be wrong.)between cylinders
3 & 4 that leads to cracks in this location that allow coolant and oil
to mix, resulting in overheating, low oil pressure, and the associated
problems with contaminating these two systems. This is my 3rd Jeep
Cherokee (others were an '89 and a '96.) I had high hopes for the
improved performance of the 2001, but this defect is not what I have
come to expect from Jeep branded vehicles, and causes me to become
nostalgic for my '96. Have you determined what the cause of this defect
is, and is there anything I can do, as an owner, to prevent this from
happening again in the future?

They replied that there was no recall and wished me a nice day. Not what I was looking for. With this many problems I'm amazed that there isn't a TSB on this, unless they are keeping their corporate mouth shut to avoid taking responsibility for their F-U.
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