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Re: Dana 34: D44 hubs & brakes on D30 Knuckle

Originally Posted by stockerwithalocker View Post
My only concern would be stock the spindle uses 5 bolts to mount. Granted those are a smaller OD than the 3 fasteners you are using which mimic the stock xj unit bearing, but the difference is the flange thickness between the unit bearing and the spindle flange. To get all the strength you can, a socket head cap screw is stronger (by about 1.13 times) than a grade 8 bolt, you might want to throw those on there for a little added factor of safety.
Two things I think negate that. Since he turned the spindle down to such a good fit, the knuckle/backing plate help support it much better. Also, the stock hub bolts are Class 12.9 which are slightly stronger then Gr8 too.

Im just thinking out load too.
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