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Dana 34: D44 hubs & brakes on D30 Knuckle

So here it is. my reasoning for doing this instead of just a building a full dana 44 is simple: funding. I am sure there are going to be many naysayers who tell me i wasted my time, and i should have put it all in a 44 but... i acquired a 79 HP HD D44 with all new uninstalled bearings/seals for free, and plan on narrowing and building that up at some point, but at the present juncture i dont have the money to throw into regearing and bracketing the 44. the only cost i have in the project is the hubs i found on ebay, brakes, and my time.
My original inspiration for this was the d35 bearings/hub thread, so kudos to alaskan. and after a little (or a lot) research i found that this sort of swap had been started by one person, who's threads up and died with no sort of conclusion whatsoever. there was also the hybrid billavista did on pirate, but i did not want chop off and reweld CJ knuckles on. so here is what I did:

first thing i had to do was turn down the spindle to fit inside the D30 knuckle, but maintain tight fit to the backing plate:

Then after cutting off the d30 brake bracketry, i milled down the knuckle .382 which was the thickness of the backing plate.

doing a little mock up to see that everything was a pretty tight fit.... which it was. i would say that i turned the spindle to a tighter tolerance than the unit bearings are. i also threw the stub shaft in there to check where the u-joint would end up in relation to the ball joints, and as far as i could measure, it was right in line.

after i felt that there was a reasonable chance that this project would succeed i went ahead and drilled and tapped (m12-1.75) the three hub bolt holes in the spindle and drilled the clearance holes in the backing plates.

again i mocked up with some bolts and slapped the hub and stub in it

The next task was to weld the backing plates to the knuckles since i did not like the idea of all the braking force being held in shear by the hub bolts. this of course required heating up the cast steel knuckles... so i fired up the grill:

also some post weld slow cool cooking.

the result:
then it was on to the installation:

obviously remove the existing knuckles:

install new knuckle:

swap the stub shaft from the 44 on to the D30 shaft


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