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Re: 2001 XJ 4.0 rebuild: issues and weirdness

Well, you figured out the bolt 'Issue' before I could answer in, so thats that. All that stuff has to come out anyway, just make a list of what you took apart and in what order. I rebuilt my 4 liter recently, and questioned to myself the same thing about the head gasket coolant holes. The stock gasket didnt have cutouts on both ends, and neither did three other brands that I physically looked at, so its designed that way. The black bits of plastic under the timing cover are from the plastic tensioner that slides into the two grooves on the cover, it helps to keep the chain from bouncing around during engine speed transitions. The tensioner is usually cracked up under there, they used a lousy material for it. I used a good replacement timing set, and the tensioner was made of a durable rubber, felt much better and fit well on the cover. As you go through this job, look at other system components and determine if this is the time to replace things since everything is apart. Almost all of my stuff was original, and at 220,000 miles, was definitely showing signs of wear. Consider any available upgrades to original components as well, especially the cooling system, every little bit helps. Any questions, let me know.
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