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2001 XJ 4.0 rebuild: issues and weirdness

So I finally got the engine pulled last night, and have been tearing it down this afternoon. So far, I've run into two weird things.
  1. It looks as though the jackass responsible for installing the AC bracket had checked out in Toledo, and installed one of the bracket bolts backwards... And then pressed in the mechanical fan hub. Given that the hub is only press-fit, and I seriously doubt I can rebuild it properly, I'm probably just going to cut the bolt and source one from a local junkyard (unless someone has one laying around, which I'd happily buy).

    Anyone else run into this on their XJ?
  2. After pulling the head, I found that the gasket did not have holes for the coolant passages, save for the two at the very end of the block.

    Pics of each cylinder, from 1 through 6 (front to rear):

    Looking at photos on the interweb, it seems like this is frighteningly common with 4.0 head gaskets. Should this be the case? Seems bizarre to cripple the cooling of the head like that.
I'll keep posting updates as I move along, but figured I'd kick this off to see if my experiences are unusual thus far.
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