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Re: When does the EGR activate?

The REM is a brand new, next generation, live data scanner for Renix ECUs that reads the ECU data stream and spies on it :-)

So when the Renix ECU commands the EGR to open, the REM scanner displays that command.

I am waiting for the final version to come out. It has about 10 versions and 20 open programming updates already. The guy making them must have made over 150 of them already.

And yes, the Renix does have a thermal switch but it does not get involved directly with the EGR. It operates a diverter intake air valve in the filter box to an air intake hose that pulls hot exhaust manifold air into the intake during the warm up period.

Originally Posted by lawsoncl View Post
How does the REM determine when the Renix EGR is open if it's not controlled by the engine computer? The EGR valve is vacuum operated with a CTO switch that blocks the vacuum if the engine temp is below 100*F, and you may also have a thermal switch in the air cleaner housing to block the vacuum if the air temp is below 40*F.
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