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Re: Booster/MC Upgrade Question

Originally Posted by Dragonlich1961 View Post
i would recomend going to a junkyard and pulling the lines and prop valve off of the required donor vechile, as well as the spacer plate under the booster. simplfies the whole install greatly. just be cafe, on the rear port of the propvalve there is a dummy cap used on abs models, this cap needs to be removed and replaced with a non abs model one to allow for the second front line to connect to the valve.
I swapped my 94 abs to 96 non-abs, but the doner was abs. not relizing the valve i had to return to said jy and fetch the missing cap.
simplied teh install greatly, since the lines out off the valve are sae not metric
Thanks for the advice, but I am buying new. Got burnt on the first used setup I bought when I discovered the the booster was full of fluid after I already had it at home. Secondly the junk yards in my area want a small fortune for parts. So if I need to replace lines and fittings, I will be making my own.
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