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Re: What can we do better?

I had a hard time picking times for the meet n greet, show n shine and banquet this year. I used the last two big events for suggested times. I went with 530pm every night because it was easier for people to remember one time instead of the evening events being moved around every night.

530pm also allowed for some sun light after the event began. It gets dark in Moab. It's also a normal dinner time and every one of those events involved food. Time was especially important for the show n shine and being able to see the rigs.

530pm doors open with eating at 6pm for the banquet allowed us to get started at a reasonable time, I'm never sure how late things will run and in the past at other events I've been dinged for them going too late. Especially trying to be mindful at Moab where people want an early start if they are leaving to go home on Saturday morning.

Spanish trail arena has an indoor facility where we could've had the show n shine inside if it was available (yes brought the jeeps inside). Unfortunately it wasn't this trip. Maybe in 5 years it will be and we could start that event a little later. I did have an inside spot (at Spanish trail) on backup tho this year if the weather would've been bad where we could've ate at least, but the vehicles wouldn't have been close.

Another option is to start the trails an hour earlier...

The most reasonable option would probably be just to move things back to 6pm every night. An extra 30 minutes would give a little more breathing room.

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