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Re: What did you break?

Originally Posted by sidewaysstarion View Post

Power steering is leaking near the pump

I made the mistake of paying good money to Currie for a housing and mounts....

The mount was barely welded and now that it broke I can see the lower control arm mount is barely welded on as well.

Well that stinks.

Nothing worse than paying a premium and getting bottom of the barrel quality.

I also came home with a power steering leak at the pump. Tank to pump o-ring. On a new as of August 2017 PSC pump/tank assembly. But I knew I had the leak before leaving for Moab. Ordered o-rings, but they didn't come in until later the same morning that I left. I just monitored fluid level for the week. No issues until I got home. Pulling the Jeep out of the trailer the power steering started to howl. No problem. Parts were here. All fixy-fixy now.
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