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My new beater

Thought I should intoduce my self to all the locals since I've been reffering back to this forum every 15 mins since I bought by my xj a month ago.


Now I guess it would be more appropriate to introduce my new toy. I bought a 93 xj country that was in a minor accident, that resulted in some cosmetic damage but nothing to serious but the guy selling it was gonna junk it so I offered him $300 bucks. I recently finished gutting the interior in preperation for a roll cage, and now I'm onto the lift. I'm just about done installing a 4.5" lift and have discovered the best way to install the lower links. It only required 3 jack stands, two jacks, 4 ratchet straps, two of the biggest crow bars I could fit, and a 4 lb deadblow hammer.
Two and a half hours later presto.

oh well guess I will finish tommorow, but I actually just wanted to thank everyone. I've found more useful information here then I thought I was capable of understanding, ( I was right of course).

P.S. As a fair warning my spelling skills are kindergarten at best.

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