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1988 Renix to 1991 Chrysler conversion Renix ABS/Factory Alarm Questions

Ok I have finally had enough of my Renix crap, I bought a 91 Laredo and yes now I know now I should have bought a 93 or newer Sport and I wouldn't have these problems but this is what I have to work with. I am moving the entire underhood harness as well as the fuse box and what is required to hook it all up under the dash (yes I had to pull the dash).

First of all I go to pull the harness from the Laredo to the AW4 controller through the firewall and great I have 10+ extra wires, so I follow it under the carpet and it goes to a Renix ABS controller under the back seat (right now I am hoping there is somebody who knows about this). I am obviously not using ABS and I want to get rid of all this wiring as it has nothing to plug into, of course there are also all 4 wheel connections and the connections to the pump and the actuator. So my options are to just cut all these wires off and "seal" them all up or open up the harness and remove them all which is what I am going to do. My question is is there anything else in the wiring harness that "connects" to the rest of the Chrysler system that is going to malfunction if I remove all of the ABS wiring?

Secondly because it is a Laredo it has factory alarm and what concerns me is what it will do about doors if I don't have the exact same connections as I have manual locks and that fact that I don't want to move the remote sensor in the roof, frankly I can't believe it actually still works with the remote. Does anybody know what wires I have to connect together to bypass the alarm?

Thanks in advance

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