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Steering Loose- finding the cause

BEFORE replacing a pile of parts, find the source of the slop. Do this by having trusted accomplice (my 18 year old son, in my case) sit at the wheel, engine running (and in park and parking brake on, block it too if there's any question about holding in place...). Have the accomplace turn the wheel back and forth across the centre, just far enough to tighten up all linkages. You, underneath, look for any slop where a component moves but the part connected to doesn't. Pay special attention to tie rod ends, ball joints (may need to do these by hand/feel), and most likely: track bar. I just put a new track bar in mine, still loose on the bushing at the axle- switched the bushing to poly bushing- great results. Next on my 1990 are the control arm bushings- switch to poly, usin anti-seize to avoid squeeks. 4xBob
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