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Re: good places to wheel near portland?

absolutely! We try to get a group together at least twice a month and always have a couple stock vehicals. We usually go early morning to late afternoon on a weekday. If you are availiable I can let you know before the next time we go out so you can familiarize yourself with the area. Going south you take highway 99W off I5 go through tigard, sherwood to Newberg. Take 240 northwest out of Newberg then turn off towards Carlton. Straight through Calrton on Meadow lake road about 5-10 miles then there are lots of motorcycle trailheads and campsites out there along the Nestucca River. Basically we go UP. Most of the trails we ride are EXtremely tight motocycle trails. We have a couple good hill climbs some ok mudholes almost no rocks and lots of technical tricky "this is a trail?" sort of stuff. Then me and a buddy take some of the trails as fast as we dare while we wait for whever else to catch up. I personally get the biggest thrill from highspeed stuff. Maybe we will catch you up there sometime.

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