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Re: Renix hard to find parts sources thread

Originally Posted by DirtyBirdXJ View Post
Things ive noticed with the ones ive owned or seen are:
Rear wiper arms and bases with washer nipples intact
Power window regulators
Power lock actuators
Manual window assemblies that dont stop and click
Intact spring loaded throttle cables
Intact vacuum hose assemblies (can be sourced new at napa for around $60 though)
Drivers door lock cylinders
Pristine door mirrors
Nice chrome/anodized trim
Fuel line to fuel rail o rings (havent seen new replacements specifically for them)
Console lid latches that aren't broken
Lower dash trim with ash tray tabs intact and not cracked at either lower corner of the tray cutout
Full gauge clusters are nice to have for renix or ho
10 slot and 21 slot grilles are unicorn pieces
Original electric fans are harder to find that aren't cracked
Original closed system copper radiators without leaks
Fuel line to fuel rail seal kit. 83502745.

Vacuum harnesses:
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