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Re: Renix hard to find parts sources thread

Frustratingly.., I envy those that have JY's, (Junk Yards), in their respective areas in which to gather parts, hopefully useful OEM parts, especially for the RENIX XJ versions.

Ever since that chairmanmaoobamasoma decreed that "cash for clunkers" scam.., ((I saw many crushed vehicles stacked on 18 wheeler flat-bed trailers leave my area to be scrapped/melted somewheres)), my hunt for JY OEM parts has been a day-mare. I understand many of 'ya all have been somewhat successful in finding said. Great! BUT: Chinese parts; is like playing Russian Roulette.

I did manage to get a broken down '88 for my '89 in which I hope to dismantle the former, and store all useful looking parts.., some of which will need to be triaged during some future rainy-day; cleaned up, and checked into as being suitable, and shelved as viable replacement parts.

Would be a hell of lot easier if the U.S.A. OEM parts manufactures would continue to maintain a small level of replacement parts.., but 'they' want us to buy the latest unreliable vehicles. (I am amazed at those sites that report the top 10, etc., new vehicles, and I notice that Jeeps/Cherokees, ferds, chebies, dogers, etc., all seem to continue to remain middle to low on all scales.., but I digress).

Short of all of those subtle points above, I figure maybe some Renix Member might find it profitable to nick-knack around in various JY's, and follow through with some Q.C. checks to said OEM Renix parts, and place a surplus amount of parts up for sale in the 'for sale' area. Just a thought!! Would I be willing to purchase an old OEM 'metered' CPS, and pay more. Sure would!! After all; that chinese crap, etc., is a waste of money, or at least a hassle in returning to the parts store, (time, distance, money), blah, blah, and worse the working time spent 2x, or 3x on, in, and around the Renix XJ. Seems most agree that vehicle specific OEM parts is less of a crap shoot. I have also noticed that a lot of Jeep/Cherokee parts-houses mostly sell chinese crap now.

Happy New Year, and the best of winter trails.
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