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Re: Alternator Upgrade

Originally Posted by petvet92 View Post
Thanks for the previous posts. I've seen some info on the Durango and GC upgrade, but want to avoid too much grinding. Anyone running a powermaster 170/110, or a mean green that's supposed to crank up to 200 amps?
Chances are both the Powermaster and the Mean Green high out put alternators are larger (have a larger case) than the OEM XJ unit which would be the same size of the Durango and Grand Cherokee alternator. The smaller units that have been modified to increase the out put produces low power at low RPM. You would be better off to just clearance the block and alternator mounting bracket and fitting the larger alternator which produces higher amperage at low RPM. I have done this on my XJ in 2004. Many others on this forum and countless other Jeep forums have do so successfully and with no adverse effects. There have been several write up here on on how to do it.

To answer your question,...Most on this forum avoid the Powermaster and Mean Green units because of the price,...$400+

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