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Re: Alternator Relocation / Alternator Upgrade

Originally Posted by JeepAddict85 View Post
looks great, thanks for the pics...this just gave me my new project ha.

here's my current routing (minus the mechanical fan and pulley)...i think i can trim that bracket to clear the belt, and just run a much shorter one. im not using my a/c now anyways, its not hooked to anything, it just freely rotates...time to ditch it!

I'd suggest you replace the idler pully for the mechanical fan and revert to that belt routing - if you go to sustained high alternator output, you're awfully likely to start having belt slippage as a result of insufficient wrap (150-180* wrap seems to be about standard for later high-output alternators.)

(By the by - I didn't edit anything in your post, I just hit the wrong button to reply.)
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