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Re: Where to Buy Air Cleaner Housing Top Securing Clip?

Originally Posted by lazyxj View Post
Not sure what an 1990 XJ air cleaner looks like. Is it like this?

Looks like a later model air cleaner except for the hot air intake on the front of the box.
The air cleaners are made of a plastic that can be glued with a plastic epoxy.
You may be able to take a later model box, cut the front out of your old box and graft the hot air intake onto the later model box.
Will an inspector notice the lack of the hot air intake? Depends on if it looks stock, the experience of the inspector and if the smog computer's visual inspection list includes a hot air intake.
Last time my 2001 was inspected, I was tagged for having a silicone intake hose, the one between the air cleaner and throttle body. It had to be replaced with an original hose to pass.
So much of this in visual, the inspector had no clue it was a stroker. Guess it doesn't matter as long as it burns clean and the ECM is happy.
Yes, the link you provided is showing my 1990 aircleaner box.

Did the later xjs have a warm up hot air hose to intake?
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