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Re: Renix hard to find parts sources thread

Originally Posted by cruiser54 View Post
My thoughts also. The 96 to 97 split. Not Remix to HO split.

The TCUs are different at the Renix split though.
For sure. At this point I think I have a TCU from every year range (87-90, 97, 98-01) except for 91-??/??-95 (power/comfort switch split I'm not sure about) and maybe 96 if it's different. Need to compare/contrast them at some point.

I have a big stock of RENIX 4.0L ECU connectors coming from Mouser on monday... will test fit them and post up part numbers if they fit. I doubt anyone but me will ever need this info unless they are building a RENIX harness from scratch, but at least it'll be out there.
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