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Re: Renix hard to find parts sources thread

Originally Posted by Ecomike View Post
Hoses for the Renix coolant bottle to pipe T's and from the heater core to the pipe Ts, some brilliant person designed them with two different hose IDs on each end.

The bottom hose on the coolant bottle is easy to find and cheap ($10), but the heater core hoses and the side of the coolant bottle hose to the pipe T is made of Unobtainiam right now.

8" of hose and they want $15-$40 each delivered.

I bought 2 sets delivered for about $4 each last month from one of our Jeep aftermarket vendors, but their entire stock was hard like concrete and all had to be sent back to China as they damage the heater core nipples during installation and clamps could not squeeze them they were so hard, like plastic.
Just get some 1/2 inch heater hose and spray some wd40 ( or equivalent) on the tee side , it will slide right on .... Done this for years without a single problem.
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