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Re: Important

Originally Posted by SAMSET View Post
Good morning!

those are the best days.

I also have noticed your pics. pretty cool stuff, since it has a lot to do with what im in school for.
out of curiosity, what did you go to school for and what degree did you get?

2yr or 4yr?

including drive time i work 56 hours a week.

i walked into class yesterday and teacher starts the course introduction(everyone in class has had this teacher before) he goes on a couple of times to say
"you guys didn't get here by accident. you are the best of the best"

i don't believe that crap. i feel like i stumbled into this class like a drunken white girl.

goes on to say that the rumors we heard are true. this is probably the hardest class of the whole degree.

one cool thing is we take the final exam 5 weeks early so after we get that crap out of the way we have 5 weeks to build from scratch and present a project.

my current thought(with zero research so far since this just started last night) is a solar powered FM radio that i can bring with me on camping trips.
If you have to build the radio part too that is going to get complicated fast. FM demodulation isn't THAT simple, but it isn't complex either.

Let me know if you need a hand with this stuff or need any tips/questions answered. If you want to design a PCB for your project I know that stuff too, and where to have them fabricated. This is (aside from your solar/energy focus) basically what I do for a living.
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