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Rear end wants to slide on dry roads.

No, I'm not going fast, first of all. It's a Jeep not a racecar, Hehe.

I've got a 1990 Cherokee with 3" Rusty's coils, 3" OME full leaf packs, and skyjacker shocks.

Whats happening is during a left turn the rear end wants to slide out a lot, and feels shaky. The catch is that it's only going over rough roads, and it's only noticeable going left. I also feel bumps a lot more from the rear, almost as though the springs aren't flexing.

I' have re-torqued my u-bolts, and leaf spring eye bolts (with the vehicle's weight on them. It seemed to make it a hair better, but it may be wishful thinking.

This is making me think that it could be the eye bolts themselves, because when installing my lift I broke or cut all of my original bolts. I used the closest smaller standard size instead of the metric bolts because nowhere in my town had them. Even the dealers would have to order them and I needed to be able to drive my jeep to work.

I also had the weld nuts break so we cut them out, and welded a new plate with a hole drilled to the new bolt size over the original pocket and ran a longer bolt through to the inside of the frame rail where we put a new nut. We didn't trust the metal around the new piece of metal with the torque of the bolt after welding a new piece on it, it's a pretty rusty jeep. I did weld the washers to the frame rail and leaf-pocket is case it was the bolt wiggling, and again I think that helped, but not enough to be sure.

So do you think the problem is that I just fubar'ed it with the wrong bolt size?
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