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Post 2 Lift for KL

Hello members out there that are untested or curious about lifting the Jeep Cherokee KL. My KL is the Latitude AD1 platform. I Recently purchased a 2 lift and was able to gain an actual 2 of Lift clearance for some larger tires. I was able to fit 245/70R17 Milestar Patagonia ATWs without any inner fender trimming. The lift was an easy install and took 3hours. The only drawback about lifting this Jeep is you cannot adjust the camber on the front of the Jeep. Jeep didnt design the front end of this with a whole lot of adjustment in mind or would think people would want to lift a crossover. Unfortunately with a 2 lift, the front camber will be roughly at +1.5* camber. Its not terrible but time will tell how my tires will wear in the front. When it comes to rear alignment, it was adjusted into spec with no problems. I will be posting before and after pictures when I find a new photo hosting. Id thought I would share since this is a new platform with not much info out there.

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