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Re: Mmmm...Sludge

That's my first thought - that someone has been running Pennzoil all its life.

I flatly refuse to run the stuff - I won't even run it in a two-stroke engine that burns oil.

I'd be only mildly surprised if A) you didn't find that crap in the oil sump as well, and B) you couldn't make candles out of the stuff.

If you're using Pennzoil, I'd highly suggest running a good engine flush (several times!) and switching to Valvoline, Castrol, or some re-refined oil (with also doesn't have paraffinoids in it) for the rest of the engine's life.

As a side note - I went through something like that shorly after we got our 89 Limited - it had had about 90K of Pennzoil through it. All twelve of the lifters "went solid" (read: crapped up with paraffin wax) and I had to change them all. Scraped about a half-inch of sludge out of the oil sump as well - and I gave up and ran a quart of Diesel in the oil, and let it idle for a half-hour at a stretch - changing the oil after each.

It's nice and clean now - so no complaints anymore.

Damn Pennzoil.

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