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Pulled my valve cover today to replace a leaking gasket, and look what I found! I scraped a good portion of that out, but only so much can be done with a screwdriver and a rag.

I suppose I can't be too suprised, considering this was my sister's first car. She drove it low on oil on more than one occasion, and once came to me complaining that it was making 'funny noises'. Turns out it was a full two quarts of oil short of full. The 236k miles on it doesn't help either.

I'm debating how I should handle this sludge. I'm currently in middle of the first rinse cycle of an auto-rx treatment, so I could continue with it, and see what the second treatment will do for me. I'm a little tempted to go for kerosene to clean this out on my next oil change. In any case, I'm still getting good oil pressure and only a little ticking at low RPM.
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