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Re: Cleaning Sludge

Originally Posted by tech1001 View Post
I would remove all the rocker arms and clean them also you can use a brush and clean the head , diesel fuel will work good but it will wash it down to the the oil pan . Then you will have to remove the oil pan and clean it all out and when in the oil pan you can replace the oil pump because it has been pumping all that old oil and I would think it is worn pretty bad . How many miles on your XJ ?
It's got about 130k.

I started to look at dropping the pan and replacing the oil pump after you and the others mentioned it. The oil pressure drops down to 10 psi at idle, and some have said that replacing the pump also fixed their low oil pressure issue at idle.

Originally Posted by cruiser54 View Post
DON"T start scraping it off
What are the dangers of getting the big chunks wiped out of the valve train?

Originally Posted by RCP Phx View Post
Youv'e had this xj for years and your just seeing this?
Yeah, this is the first time I've pulled the valve cover. I rarely drive it. I've put on less than 20k miles in the 13 years I've owned, I've had this thing a long time.
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