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Re: AX5 interchange between early and late

I have the service manual for AX5 and have opened two of them on the bench. Small part removal is part of the service procedure so if done right, nothing falls out but oil. It's not much more involved than removing the transfer case, and if it doesn't work, I'll simply put it back as it was and fill it up again.

If it does, I'll drive away with functional four wheel drive, electronic speedometer, and the knowledge that I can rebuild the original at my leisure, perhaps in the spring between ski season and wheeling/camping/travel season.

Why buy something when I may have everything I need?

The 207 requires a disconnect front axle and related vacuum control system. I have all of this, including the shifter, drive shaft, etc. It can stay in the 86 where it's at. To commit to a downgrade so involved is entirely out of the question.

The 86 was a daily driver until it donated its transmission. Fuel injection won.
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