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Re: AW4 swap early to late

Originally Posted by kastein View Post
Won't work, without a lot of work.

A 98 and later XJ AW4 has both an input and an output speed sensor, a 97 or earlier only has an output speed sensor and it's different. You can swap the output speed sensor over but you still won't have an input speed sensor.

You *might* be able to get away with it if you get a 97 TCU (and leave the original 87 output speed sensor on the transmission when you install it) but I have not tested this yet so don't try it unless you like being a guinea pig.

If you can find an AW4, NP231, and rear driveshaft (since 2wd vs 4wd rear driveshafts are different lengths) from a 98 or later it is bolt-in. Then you are only a dana 30, shift linkage/handle, and front driveshaft from having 4x4, also.

Sorry to hijack the thread but could I get a direction on more info regarding this?
I just finished putting a '99 engine and AW4 tranny into my '97 XJ, the old tranny had 5 wires coming from it that plug into the main harness (1 for each of the three solenoids, and two for the speedo?), whereas the new tranny has 7 wires.

Had to cut off the old multi-socket and crimp the wires onto it to plug it in, though I still have the spare two wires not going anywhere, and of course the tranny doesn't shift properly at the moment (it'll start off in 1st gear but after half a second or so its shifting up into overdrive immediately).

Is my solution to replace the entire wiring harness in the '97 with that of the '99?
My granddad (mechanic for over 50 years) is visiting from the UK and has been helping me with the engine/tranny swap the whole time. Would like to find some answers on this before he flies back on Sunday
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