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Re: AW4 swap early to late

Originally Posted by spctrbytz View Post
Symptoms that I have noted so far, but have not yet had time to investigate:

CEL lit

Airbag light lit

No A/C compressor clutch engagement

No power windows from any switch

Transmission will not shift out of 1st gear until 4500 RPM

PO had rigged a button underhood to engage the starter, may have to undo his handiwork after ignition switch replacement.

I don't know if the no-crank is caused by a bad ignition switch or maybe no signal from the NSS. With some but not all of the power accessories dead, it seemed like a cheap thing to throw at it. I will start a new thread if this ends up being an electrical quest rather than a simple case of a bad tranny.
You need to get the codes read and post up the actual numbers.

The shifting to 2nd at 4000-4500 rpm is normal. You can usually improve shifting overall by adjusting the throttle body pressure cable.

The NSS is such a common problem with these XJs. They are expensive, better to try and clean, lube, and adjust it yourself.
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