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Re: 1989 Jeep Cherokee Laredo Build

Originally Posted by wheelinscott View Post
whats the story on the front fenders..... ie why did you cut them like that?
Originally Posted by FlexdXJ View Post
x2 You cut way too much IMO! The rest of the jeep looks good though!
the first reason i cut em like that is because i saw another cherokee that looked SWEET with em like that. second reason is because when hitting bumps at high rates of speed my tires would rub fender. the third reason was to eliminate some dents that were somehow forming... at first i was like, oh no, have i done something wrong? but now that i look at it, i really like it. it looks a lot more agressive and if i want to i could run 35's. and with another inch of lift 36's comfortably (never know i might do it). fully flexed out, the tires dont even THINK about touching fender up front. not even bump-stopped. so, thats why... come back and take a look. it mihgt grow on you. if it doesnt, look again.

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