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Re: AW4 tranny sludge

Originally Posted by Xjdubber
Ive always been told that metal fillings damage things, especially tranny's! I think that flushing the tranny is a good idea. The reason i heard not to flush was because the metal filings would help the converter to build up pressure!(BS?) What color was the sludge? could it be that you drove through a rather large water puddle and got some water in your system? (altough i'd imagine the system is closed) I myself have a tranny leak coming out between the bellhousing and tranny, has anyone ever tried stop leak (or whatever that crap is called) in their tranny, if so does it a work (even a litlle). The spots in my driveway are starting to piss me off. I gues i could cover the whole driveway with a couple of quarts (the redneck solution) anyways enough of my opionated ranting
It's most likely leaking around the bolts that hold the pump to the transmission case. I had the same thing, I installed a used transmission and yes I did replace the input seal before I put it in. It leaked so bad the lift gate would get covered in atf when travelling down the highway. I removed the seven bolts that hold the pump to the case cleaned them and installed them with hydraulic sealer on the threads. No leak now.
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