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AW4 tranny needs flushing

Dexron ATF is a high-tech lubricating and hydraulic oil, with additives to keep it working and in-spec. Just like engine oil, those additives fail eventually, although the oil molecules are still mostly OK. When that happens, wear rates go up, clutch surfaces start to take a beating, and overall life of the tranny is reduced. The many posts about long lasting AW4s are a tribute to a great tranny- they lasted like that in spite of lousy maintenance. I change my ATF every other year (about 30,000 mile for me). I also run a real tranny cooler (the one out in front of the radiator, in addition to the deal in the radiator tank). Keep the heat down, change the fluid, and it will likely outlast the jeep (barring operator stupidity on the shift lever!). The only tranny I have had to rebuild (not an AW4) needed the rework due to varnished clutches and lousy internal valve operation- classic fluid failure problems. Transmissions don't have to fragment gears to quit working. I got it used, and suspect the tranny had not been serviced. 4xBob
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