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Re: AW4 tranny sludge

Flushing an automatic trans is not normally needed or recommended. If the fluid has gotten really bad and been bad for a while, then introducing new atf, even just what is lost when dropping the pan, can cause clutch packs to start slipping. If the fluid has all of the sudden gotten bad, such as unusually hard towing, i would think it would be good to get out as much of the newly burned trans fluid as possible by flushing. The trans has not gotten 'used' to the bad atf yet at this point.

Another time flushing can be good is if the trans has symptoms of solenoids and hydraulic valves sticking causing shifting irregularities. Sometimes this will clear things up.

More and more autos are virtually requiring trans machine atf changes due to no dipsticks!! Just worked on a 2002 Mountaneer that had no dipstick. Hummm. An SUV with no real way to ck the trans fluid?? What kind of sense does this make??
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