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Re: AW4 tranny sludge

Originally Posted by JohnJohn
I have a question about my '98 with 130k daily driver. I took it in today to have the tranny flushed. They ran 17 quarts through it. The first 3 quarts that can out of it was very "varnished" and "sludgie" I just had the tranny serviced 20k ago. Is this normal for a 130k AW4? If not what problems am I having inside? What should else should I be doing? I have been using the DexIII for over two years.

p.s.: I drive it at highway speeds for about 3,000-4,000 miles per month.


why did you have it flushed? was it acting up?

not to sound like a doomer and gloomer.. but your tranny may start acting up now.

***personal opinion follows****** NEVER FLUSH YOUR TRANNY! NEVER FLUSH YOUR TRANNY! just change the fluid that comes out of the pan.
think of it this way... all the little metal shavings and sludge..used to sit in your torque converter... now it has been forced through all the gallys and such in your transmission... I run 2 cherokees both in excess of 300,000 miles.. never flushed the trannies.. only changed the fluid once and a while. no problems. I have seen in person and heard on many a message board that flushing a tranny can and may cause a operating tranny to act up.. or die. I feel it is a tool for dealerships and oil changing places to rip off the customer. Just think.. you got charged for 17 qaurts of fluid(HOLY CRAP!) plus labor, for a service that you really didn't need and may cause damamge.***Personal opinion ends*****

but what do I know
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