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Re: No Crank, No Fuel, No Start, All Sens Pwr'd

^^^ All good advice from 8Mud, but I've got to wonder. Consider the sequence of events, changed TPS, IAC, and CPS and it worked great for a day, then began to run poorly. What would cause that to happen? Poor connection to one of the recently installed sensors? Poor adjustment or fastener torque on one of those sensors. I mean, nothing else changed!

Then you changed the fuel pump and ended up with a no crank situation. I don't believe the fuel pump circuit has any effect on the starting circuit. Is it possible you bumped something, loosened a wire? Did you disconnect the battery during any of this work? If not, it may be possible you caused a short somewhere during the work that affects the starting circuit.

Then you changed the ignition switch and you got it to crank only briefly. Did you adjust the ignition switch? It needs to be adjusted to work properly on all key settings (acc., off, run, start). To at least get it to crank, I would suspect ignition switch adjustment first. Once you get it to crank, then you can see how it runs and chase down a poor running condition separately.

Good luck!
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