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Re: axle swap suggestions

Originally Posted by Tim_MN View Post
Wondering why you think they need changing ? The only "better" XJ bolt up axles are the 1997-01 29 spline 8.25 rear and the XJ tow package Dana 44 rear. The TJ Rubicon Dana 44 front axle will bolt up, but only is marginally better. Anything else "better" would require fabrication and welding, unless you order a new custom axle assembly.
I never understood why people think the 8.25 and hp30 are terrible...

Originally Posted by smokeyyank View Post
Nothing wrong with a d30 and 8.25. They can be built to handle 35 s. Nothing better will bolt up. If you want better you're going to need to fab and drop some cash.

Originally Posted by JeepNoob View Post
Dana 30 is plenty good enough in a sub 4,000-pound SUV, especially if built as others have suggested. It's why they continue to manufacture them after 40+ years. Swapping the Dana 30 to say, a Dana 44 will require a lot of fab work, big bucks, or possibly both.

I've seen a Chrysler 8.25 with welded gears stand up to a small block making 500+ horsepower at the crank. In a 1/2 ton truck. On drag slicks. At the strip. So I'd say that's plenty good enough in a small SUV too, again, especially if built. A factory tow package XJ Dana 44 MIGHT be marginally stronger, but also difficult to find. If you absolutely have to have something bigger in the back end, swapping in a Ford 8.8 is a popular choice.

Originally Posted by jmg222 View Post
8.25 isnt a terrible axle. Run it till it dies.
If you want something better, ford 8.8 is the way to go. Its stronger than a d44, and fits with minimal work .
D30 ... well, its not a great axle, but swapping that Is more involved. I beefed mine up, when it goes I'll replace it, but to run something better, like a d44 or d60 takes some work , you need a decent amount of clearance. ,
I like my HP30, I'm running it bone stock with 4.10s and locker on 35s, she's great. Granted I'm stock HP, but none the less...
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