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Re: Gratuitous Lack Of Moderation - A little stroker build

Next Russ dropped the oil pump on there. We went with a high volume Melling.

In my application we don't need to clearance the pump, but for most oil pans you do have to, so he did it to document it in this thread.

This mark is where you hit the pan. Clearancing involves sanding the corner of the pump and pounding the baffle in the pan with a balpean until the pump clears.

45 seconds on the belt sander.

Russ wanted me to point out that there is a machine ledge on the surface the oil pump mounts to. On most blocks there is miles of clearance, but every now and then the aftermarket pumps do hit the ledge and do not sit flush, in which case you need to grind the block a little bit.

You can see the ledge here. Loads of clearance.

I'm not a complete idiot - there are parts missing.
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