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Re: Junkyard upgrades

Originally Posted by semisynth
Your welcome to all who thanked me for starting this thread. I had no idea it would devolve into a flame war. My intent was to have a thread that could be used as a sort of a shopping list when people go to the junkyard and maybe learn some stuff I didn't know in the process. I know when I go to my favorite junkyard I just fill up the back of my heep with parts, park it by the main desk, take the guy working the register out to see all I got and give me a price for everything. It is usually way less than making separate trips for stuff. If I knew everything to look for the first trip I could have saved even more cash.
I've been lurking here since '02 and have learned just about everything I know about XJs from this board. I took about a 6 month break from working on my XJ because of time and money factors and have just recently got back into it and this board. Honestly imho I have noticed that the mutual respect that has made a cut above the rest has been slowly deteriorating. I wouldn't go so far as to compare it with ju or por but if people don't make a conscious effort to bring the respect level up to the previous standards......
Oh and as soon as I get my heep back on the road I'm going to become a full member.

no flame war here, man....just the NORMAL difference of opinions....
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