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Re: Yet another death wobble help request

Something I just ran across on the kid's 97, I can't verify it's fixed it but it assuredly has been contributing...
-axle shaft ujoints, or damage to the yoke ears. The passenger side on his jeep has tons of slop, and the I error shaft has a cap that is either glued or welded on - poorly. This caused the shaft to oscillate back and forth in the axle tube, just with manual movement. I can see this being a source of intermittent wobble.
-hub bearing. Probably related to the above, the hub bearing is notch on this side. I can also see this relating to the issue.
I haven't done the driver side yet, and the vehicle is deadlined as I sheered two of three hub bolts trying to get it off. New hardware arrives Tuesday, I'm hoping for a shakedown ride by Wednesday evening.
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