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Re: 0331 to 0630 Swap Kit

I figured I'd just add an FAQ. I seem to be selling quite a few of these lately and I get a lot of the same questions:

Question: Do I still sell these parts?
Answer: Yes. I only sell the adapter plates though. I keep some in stock at all times now and usually have stashed in my car so I can ship same day on short notice.

Question: How do I pay?
Answer: If you live within the lower 48 and USPS Priority Mail is okay with you, then just Paypal $110 to and I'll ship when your payment clears. It usually takes between 1 and 3 days to arrive (depending on your distance from MA).
If you want special shipping, e-mail me at for a quote and I'll supply you an exact cost. My zipcode is 02140 if you want to calculate your own expedited shipping. Just add $100 to the shipping estimate and that's your cost. USPS has thus far always the lowest cost method. The max package dimensions are 30.0" x 6.0" x 0.5" and it weighs 3 lbs. FYI - overnight is usually somewhere around $30.

Question: Will it work with a 7120 Head?
Answer: Yes. I haven't done this swap myself, but I have sold several at this point to other people that have successfully done it. No reported issues.

Question: Does it restrict flow?
Simple Answer: The plate itself must (to some degree) restrict flow. I think installing the 0630 head must have the opposite effect though.
Long Answer: I expected there would be a power loss after I installed the first plate on my own XJ. Surprisingly enough, there was no noticeable difference in HP when I did my own. Others have reported the same result. In fact, no one has reported a loss at all. So, my opinion is that the adapter and the 0630 head have pretty much the same net pressure drop as the 0331 head.