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Re: Replacing the Fuel Filter (Renix Era)

Originally Posted by Ecomike View Post
I posted the tranny mount bolt size spec here for 5-90 about 6-9 months ago. IIRC it was 12M-1.75 or 12M-2.00. I found mine missing while replacing a front drive shaft u-Joint that started out sounding like a bad rear end on sharp right turns under acceleration. The thread title is likely odd, something about rear end noise, but turned into a front DS u-joint and tranny mount bolt size discusion.

I like my gloves a little loose, or none at all, but when I use them (they come in handy when handling NaCN, HF and HNO3, and other such nice stuff) I prefer the clear polyethylene gloves. They are impervious to most anything, except a sharp knife.
I hear you on the gloves. But, they're like any other tool - you wouldn't use a hammer to drive a screw, would you? You're not likely to run across NaCN, HF, or HNO3 while working on a vehicle (you're not trying to poison anyone, etch glass, or make blasting jelly, right?)
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