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Re: Engine Rebuilt

I am using... whatever Golen used. I just got the valve cover off and I didn't like what I saw. The first 3 cylinders' rocker arms were all loose and the the last 3 were semi loose.

One lifter sprung apart. I believe it is the exact same one that the valve got stuck on when it overheated. I guess 1 overheat is the limit for lifters.

I'm taking the head, the rockers, push rods and all the lifters to the machine man tomorrow because he wants to inspect and see.

What I didn't like when I was tightening down the rockers using the spinning the push rod method by hand was that most of the rocker feet were sitting off of the pedestals they bolted to 1/8th to 1/4 of an inch. That didn't seem right. The Haynes manual I have says to torque them but then how do you set preload on the lifters? It got too tight too soon for that to seem right. I pre-pumped the lifters before I put them in. That's exactly what I did with the first engine I built though and it wasn't an issue. Do I need to get shims for the rockers?
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