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Re: 87 Cherokee Chief 2 door Survivor like new refresh with NOS parts

Sure is.

His Search-Fu in locating NOS parts is nothing short of mind-boggling, too. Look at his MJ build over on ComancheClub to see what I mean - who else would manage to score a NOS Comanche bedliner, AND a NOS hidden winch kit, AND a Type I MJ rear bumper, all in the last couple years, in addition to this XJ, which makes a Unicorn seem common? All I can say to that is damn, yo.

Which reminds me - I had my own NOS part score recently and I kind of think Red is partly responsible for it:

I'd been struggling with the power window switches in my '92 acting up (most notably the driver's window not responding). The switches/panel are original to the truck and it got me thinking that maybe I'd better start looking for a spare and I hopped onto eBay.

Lo and behold, besides some (rather pricey) used ones that didn't look much better off than my own, I stumbled across a guy in Wisconsin with a stock of NOS driver's side master switch panels (in Mopar packaging). They were even more expensive ($159 + shipping), so I watchlisted it for a week or two to think. When I realized he was down to only about 10 left (out of almost 90 originally apparently, based on the number sold), I decided to grab one up since it was feeling like if I let it go by, I'd never see another NOS one again.

I now have one of these beauties in my hands, standing by in case I ever need it (I ended up getting the one in the truck working again by hosing of the switch contacts and the harness connector with electrical parts cleaner, so the NOS one is my "rainy day insurance" plan).

I looked up the auction while typing this just now, and apparently he's got 3 of them left, so here's the auction link in case anyone else is looking for one of these:
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