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Re: TJ Purchase

Yes I did. I pounded the Wrangler forums and got a bit of advice. I didn't ever get to see the TJ I originally posted about and decided I'd go for the TJU Rubicon with manual. Just got it home after a nearly 800 mile round trip. '06 TJ Unlimited Rubicon with 29,000 miles. I won't disclose what I paid but it's immaculate, rust free and has some decent mods. Of course I'll do my own thing with it. It happens to be black, just like my XJ but has no Nevada pin-striping. The XJ will remain my go-to for the rough stuff unless I decide to hammer the new one but that's doubtful since they're pretty much the cats whiskers these days.

Thanks for the response. Guess a Wrangler must be the dark side around here.
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