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Originally Posted by need-a-bow View Post
It's a real mixed bag. Took a bunch of stuff off the "new" jeep, a bunch of dead beats then had people paying shipping for old junk to shipped cross country with no haggling. Just shipped the old 3 link for $500+ shipping, but couldn't get $300 locally

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Few years back when I had a ZJ and was trying to sell it for parts, I had a guy show up to look at it and accused me of wasting his time because it was a "rusted out piece of junk" it literally only had one spot of rust bubbling up on the bottom edge of a door that was clearly visible in the pics i had posted.

Around the same time I was trying to sell my car, i had a guy schedule to come look at it. The guy blocked me right after he messaged me saying that he was on his way and I didn't even notice at all until i had sat around for a few hours.
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