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2006 Wrangler TJ Unlimited Rubicon (LJ)

I'm seriously considering a 2006 TJ Rubicon. Have yet to see it, but a reliable friend tells me it's "done right". I see some pretty stiff prices these days online. I did manage a couple days trail time in my buddy's '06 TJ Rubicon 6spd and like it fine. Love the 4:1 transfer case. My first Jeep was a '75 CJ5 I bought brand new but never modded it at all.

I've done a little research on these and have found the 42RLE transmission might be a cause for concern, weak point. Even on a well done TJ I don't want to borrow trouble with a less-than-stout transmission
My guy tells me the 42 was rebuilt to handle the HP/T of a stroker 4.0L, which ended up blowing and was replaced with a new reman 4.0, so the engine is not a concern.

Can you folks advise on what to look for/at when I get around to inspecting this? I'm not a rookie but don't know my Wranglers very well. Yup, I've searched and looked at other TJ/Wrangler forums to see what's up.

Not gonna replace the '99 XJ but add to my stable, so to speak. I'm telling the wife it's for her..

I'm a 'Do-it-Twice' kinda guy.. or..
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1999 XJ Sport 4.0L Black

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